Thursday, July 4, 2013

Revival: You're Among Friends

“Don’t worry, Dana...I know you’re going to find out who murdered me.”

That isn’t quite a typical thing to be said in a conversation between two sisters. This is the world of Revival, or at least for right now just the small town in Wisconsin in which the dead just won’t stay dead. Answers are scarce in this book, but the first five issues of the series do a lot to ramp up the excitement for what is coming next.

Dana Cypress is a police officer in a pretty small and boring place. Things start to change as the town becomes known on national TV. Across the world people want to know what is going on in the tiny blip in the universe that is Wausau, Wisconsin. Some people who have died are coming back to life. Not necessarily as scary monstery zombie-like beings. Some are actually pretty harmless and “normal.” But events are certainly causing a stir. Dana suddenly has a lot to deal with as the cases grow and she is appointed to be in charge of them (thanks to her father who is also her boss).

Dana has done a lot to try and make herself look better in the eyes of dad. Ever since that teenage pregnancy things haven’t been too great. Now she’s the single mom and a cop and life has had its fair share of challenges. Then all of this starts happening, with people getting worried about the “revivers” in general and downright scared when some of them start causing problems. 

Arlene Dittman is one of those problem causers. Ever since she died she has been like a creature possessed, looking for some kind of child and raiding the maternity ward of the hospital to find the right one. This sort of thing is really not good for the citizens of Wausau.

Dana has a sister named Martha who was supposed to be dead. She can sustain any kind of injuries and heal right up. She hasn’t changed from her “living” persona and that is mainly just a matter of luck. 

The guys behind the curtain here are Tim Seeley and Mike Norton, and it’s pretty obvious that they are really excited about the chance to make a comic like Revival. It’s a big story with a lot of characters and plot movement and everything moves along very nicely. At this point, just one trade in, I really found myself wishing I had more to read. The tale of Dana and the revivers is only just getting started...

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